1. cheerful and bright (Freq. 1)

a beaming smile


a glad May morning

Syn: ↑glad
Similar to: ↑cheerful
Derivationally related forms: ↑gladness (for: ↑glad)
2. pleased and proud

beaming parents

Similar to: ↑proud
3. radiating or as if radiating light

the beaming sun


the effulgent daffodils


a radiant sunrise


a refulgent sunset

Syn: ↑beamy, ↑effulgent, ↑radiant, ↑refulgent
Similar to: ↑bright
Derivationally related forms:
refulgency (for: ↑refulgent), ↑refulgence (for: ↑refulgent), ↑radiancy (for: ↑radiant), ↑radiance (for: ↑radiant), ↑radiate (for: ↑radiant), ↑effulgence (for: ↑effulgent), ↑beam (for: ↑beamy)

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